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Business software solutions may seem like they’re a dime a dozen. Researching the differences can be a mind-boggling and time-consuming process. As a result, the marketplace is rife with stories of under-budgeted software projects, poor implementations, below-par business performance, and frustrated customers. helps people avoid these issues by providing expert advice, in-depth feature articles, user reviews taken directly from the marketplace, best practice recommendations, and more.

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This is where comes in. We've reviewed over 400 leading ERP systems, and after extensive research, we ranked the 20 best ERP systems.

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ERP can be intimidating, so we want to break it down into its most basic parts: definitions and functions. 

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, combines all your core business processes into one system. Consisting of various modules and applications, ERP systems can be scaled up and down to suit your business needs. The purpose of an ERP system is to provide a centralized overview of your business operations, spot and resolve bottlenecks, and perform analysis, often in real-time, on how to continue growing your business.

What is ERP?

Why Do You Need an ERP System?

Decentralized business systems are known to use up the IT budget by as much as 90%, leaving hardly any room for innovation. This is due to constant upgrades, patches, and bug fixes that are needed just to move your data from one system to another, say from hiring to payroll to accounting. With ERP you can pick and choose the different modules and applications that fit your business needs, and integrate them into a single system.

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Discover and learn more about enterprise resource planning software by exploring blog posts, white papers and more at our ERP research center. For comparisons of the leading ERP vendors on the market, download’s Top 20 ERP Software report.

Who are the twenty leading ERP vendors?

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